In-Home Euthanasia

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Compassionate In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In Home Euthanasia

The final moments you spend with your pet can be precious ones. When the time has come, we can help you spend these moments together in your own home, surrounded by family and in familiar, peaceful surroundings.

“How Will We Know?”

These words have been voiced many times over the years. We promise our beloved pets that they will never be asked to suffer for us. Still, knowing when is the ‘right time’ can be very, very difficult.

No one knows your pet better than you do. And because of this, when it is time, the signs can be quite unmistakable. Signs of the loss of quality of a pet’s day can often include:

     -Difficulty accomplishing basic tasks with ease; difficulty rising, lying down, making their way outdoors.

     -Inability to urinate and defecate with dignity.

     -Loss of interest in food and a decreased appetite.

     -Lack of interest in their day, and in their surroundings.

Discussing these signs as a family can often be helpful in coming to a united decision about the quality of day of your beloved pet.

What to Expect

It is our goal to bring peace and comfort to both you and your pet at this time. We will focus on  the individual needs of your pet, and provide compassion and guidance. Wherever your pet would like to be- a special tree, a special bed, warm by the fire- that is where we will be.

A gentle sedative will first be administered, so that he/she can relax and fall into a dreamlike state. Once time has allowed this to happen, a second injection will then be needed.

This is never easy. It is one of the hardest things we ever have to do for our pet. But in spite of this, the most important person for your pet at this time is You. Let her know you are right there; remind her of all her favorite things and all the favorite places you visited together. Tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are for her.

When the last words have been spoken, and the last hugs given, we will say goodbye when you are ‘ready’, and should it be your wishes, we will carefully bring your pet along with us for aftercare.


We will provide all the care, expertise and medications needed to first sedate, and then ensure your pet’s comfort and compassionate passing.

Aftercare Options

Private Cremation
Communal Cremation
Home Burial by Owners 

Some pet owners will have the desire and capability to bury their pet at home in a very special location.
There is no extra charge for this choice.
Additional Fees May Be Incurred For:

     -Additional travel outside our prescribed areas

     - Aggressive pets or pets over 100 pounds

Please call us if you feel there may be additional charges incurred for your pet.