Emergency Phone Triage

imageWe are offering triage services for our establish clients only. Our mobile service does not make it possible for us to pick up the phone at all times; however, we will do our very best to answer your calls, texts, or voice messages at our earliest convenience. Stacey, and Molly and myself will do our best to answer your questions, let you know if your situation can be dealt with at home or if you need to proceed to an emergency appointment. You can access this service via our business phone: 209-396-8680.

Referral Services:

When procedures cannot be performed on a mobile basis, we will refer your pet to a brick-and-mortar facility to accomplish these needs. Twain Harte Vet will accept our clients for most surgical procedures, as well as dental procedures, X-rays and Laser Therapy.

When more extensive referrals are needed, we can refer your pet to UC Davis, Sage Centers or VCA etc. as needed and requested.

Emergency phone triage for establised clients Only:
 Phone: 209-396-8680